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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man in the Blue Hat

A boy with dreams of battlefields,
of generals orders barked,
above machine guns forming defenceless shields,
the dreams grew to news recieved in a car tentativly parked;

Now to a far off country somewhere in Africa,
under grey skies a landing in unforseen evil,
excitement quickly fadeing into a terror era,
guns silenced and pierced shields in the hands of the devil;

A land red with blood and nowhere to run,
a plea comes from the man in the blue hat,
a message sent and recieved, come out of the devils sun,
the man defeated boils in furry, all alone in battle he sat;

Just a small country, but they have hearts as red as ours,
one man screams into deaf ears,
as death over dear Rwanda towers,
ignorance in the west abandoned the man trying to erase fears;

The devil stretched forward his hand,
taken away from you dear Rwanda as the devils march began.

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