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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

House Spirits

The sun's rays dance
with the dust as it sways,
to and fro, across an abandoned
living room, the walls
whisper lovers secrets
and betray a families trust.

The windows weep
as nails are driven into
its wooden flesh and they're
blinded by old rotting boards.
Mindless hands cover wounds
with spray painted tattoos,
later infected by authority.

Underneath the orchard
restless spirits turn in agony
as memories are torn away
by greedy pockets.
Hands that once loved
the flowers and trees, now
from below, they tear the roots,
like hair, in rage.

A picture of another time
crushed below a modern
mans machine, he never
heard their cries.
Ravens will fly and black cats
scamper across paths,
even in anger and pain
they warned us,
but who would believe?

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