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Monday, May 12, 2008


Tried out another form today this is a Glose/Glosa

"Awake! for morning in the bowl of night,
has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight:
And Lo! the hunter of the east has caught
the Sultan's Turret in a noose of light."
Omar Khayyam

Shadows bend and dance
across the fires of burning sand dunes
while blind beggars fake a glance
in the direction of a Nightingales last crune.
The familiar sounds of man begin to rise
invading the clouds like a mocking kite,
begging the devil to rise
and sing to the tune of a worlds lies.
The children's cries are brought by first light;
Awake! for morning in the bowl of night.

Tired alleys begin to breathe
as merchants display carpets and coffee
while tired fighters return swords to sheathes.
Excited children arrange their trays with Taiwan copies
of artifacts, that line a government's pocket with gold,
ignoring the stench of death they turn away from a peoples plight.
Tired citizens hide in the shadow of freedom, longing to be bold,
not knowing their souls fulfill a prophecy foretold.
A country built on the devil's might
has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight.

A mirage of the promised land levitates in the east,
as a holy hand reaches for its people through crimson words
they're robbed blind by self proclaimed priests.
The converted mingle in the unbelieving herds
preying on the young and speaking for the dead,
the rooms in heaven are to be bought
with good deeds spurred on by a conscience that bled.
But now the doves of peace and love have fled
while time stops in the middle of pure thought,
And Lo! the hunter of the east has caught...

Puzzled, a worlds time line begins to reverse
seeking the one whom the east has caught.
Scholars dissect every fact, fictitious line and poetic verse
while a forgotten people recite the story of Lot,
and those who lay dying whisper wisdom
into deaf ears as their souls fade into white.
Man's eyes gaze in awe as the Creator's secrets begin to blossom
revealing the way to a promised kingdom.
Polluted clouds part as the wind speaks insight
from another dimension and hangs the sultan's turret in a noose of light.

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