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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A poem I co-wrote with a friend.

Haloed in the headlights
ghostly eyes watch;
for a moment caught
before darkness once more

Hair blown dry
by a mid-day salted breeze
drains white, as thickened blood
stampedes towards
her panicked heart;
the memory of roadside haunted eyes
paralyzes her own, the darkness
reflected from deep within.

The seas blue fades into ruby
as a tender stream flows along
her freckled wrist and drops off
trembling finger tips,
its power matching the fastest rivers.
The pain, a sweet release.
And she realizes she is wild like
the slinking bodies cowering in
shadows between headlights.

Staring blankly into the mirror
unable to escape those memories
that linger like the scent of perfume
that you know is not your own
a heart beat away from the tile floor.

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