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Friday, January 23, 2009

All Greek To Me

Red walls curve and almost surround,
is that my reflection or another?
Footsteps come and go,
the owners of those hollow echos
never seen by my missing eyes.
Steep stairs lead somewhere,
I pause at their top,
do they lead down or up in this
strange world I have found inside
my twisted self.
A navy blue wall spotted with purple
vibrates in steady beats.
My heart? Or a muted soundtrack
trickling down from a swirling ceiling.
Pushing my head through a cracked window
I feel no pain as the glass melts
around my yellowed skin
and I SEE the other side.
The other side of what I am not sure,
it is much the same I realize with a pang
of disappointment,
although there is no grass,
...what irony.
I laugh quietly inside,
not wanting to disturb this tender reality.
I spin with the room, playing hopscotch
on a checkered floor, the colors passing by
like shooting stars.
My thoughts...
they're all Greek to me.

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Linda S. Socha said...

I love this! In particular the last few lines make me smile..I feel 9 again....
Thanks for sharing your work. Please stop by psyche Connections for a vist.