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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Found Behind the Berry Canes

She skips along as she hums
leaving a bread trail of stale crumbs,
along she goes passing
man and woman and listening
for the cries of a child
whose eyes breathe a natural wild.

She passes two of every creature
on this pebbled path leading to a future
full of toothy smiles and carefree laughter
just around the next shaded corner,
slowing she heeds caution
scanning for any sign of evil motion.

Stepping into a streak of sun
her way is halted by scolding nuns,
but even here she keeps a head
on her thin shoulders, no matter what is said.
And towards the light she will continue
until the smile of a father gives a clue
to the intrigue behind her life's mundane
existence; an intrigue first found behind berry canes.

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