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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Month of May

Ladybug, sitting so delicately
upon that leaf on high.
Oh ladybug, ladybug
call down to me and tell,
what do you see?

What do you see as you look
towards the firs and then
t‘wards the oaks,
tell me of the corroding rivers
that empty into over salted seas
and of the lands beyond
these hedgerows.

Glide down to me oh ladybug
and lay beneath these dappled
leaves, telling me of all
that you have winged
your flight o’er.
Tell of the peoples shadows
gliding over parched grass
and the lanterns strung about
back porches.

Paint a picture for this old soul
With words and motions.
Speak of the happiness
in a new father’s eyes,
of bride’s tears, and mother
Natures sigh of content
carried on a breeze
through the month of May.

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