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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teenage School Woes

Tomorrow, should I wake?
Gather a disappeared strength
to rise into the cold
slide on crisp jeans,
feeling for this weeks
pair of damp socks.

Tomorrow should I wake?
To face harsh sea winds,
forcing my way along
this winding road.
Venture across the channel
on a rocking ferry;
feeling the metal twist between
a current's fingers.

Should I wake tomorrow?
Only to be packed into
a school bus that
smells of many things
and none of them pleasant.
To wander alone along
crowded halls, rummage
through 'friends' leftover
lunches and sit in classes
I don't even need.

Should I wake tomorrow?
And face another day
in this never ending
nightmare of years,
struggling to swim against
authority's tide
and live to die?

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Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Did you wake up and survive another brutal day. Don't get an office job where you'll be shackled to your cubicle!!:)