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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Returning to Simplicity

Along by breaking waves
she casually strolls,
wishing upon the reflection of stars
in lively tide pools, a midnight breeze
nudges her along before the thought
of turning back can intrude
on this undirected moment.
The scenes of today slowly fade,
the moon's light hypnotic in a way;
reverts her mind back
to simple pleasures like damp sand,
smooth pebbles and abandoned
hermit crab shells.
The lights of passing tugs
flicker in the coming fog
like candles, signaling
the presence of man
amidst an ever atoning nature,
she sees their shadows and
their lights as they go by,
the smallest hint of jealousy
playing across her formerly
serene face.
Wanting to be alone
with only mother earth for
a soothing companion instills
itself as an unattainable goal
in her heart, its rhythm steadying.
She is returned once more
to simplicity though,
by the night's incessant calm.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

There's probably a deeper meaning in this piece, but, still I can relate to wanting to return to simplicity.

I can smell the sea, hear the lapping waves, and feel the sand between my toes in this moment.

I enjoyed the journey:)

CathM said...

Sarah-Paige... there’s nothing like a walk by the beach/water front to restore a sense of calm and peace (whatever the inner turmoil)!