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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Treetop Secrets

Her consciousness tingles
in this thinning atmosphere,
stretching strong arms
out like naked wings,
her sound thighs grip
a bowing branch tightly;
her mind soars high above
spacious clouds
swooping like an eagle
to travel down cliff faces
like a rabid waterfall
and tumbling on the gusts
of exhaust from passing cars
like a sandwich wrapper.
All of her observations
playing like a film stuck
in fast forward; sounds
and smells leach
from the dancing leaves
around her throbbing head,
secrets rain down
from between the lines
of her thoughts as she prevails
among the treetops.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I love the imagery of this line:

"All of her observations
playing like a film stuck
in fast forward;"

I just realized that by reading your poetry, I'm always taken on a most fascinating journey into another world. A little mini-break from reality:)

Sarah-Paige said...

Hi Nancy
Glad you liked the imagery, that's one of my favorite parts too :)

They are my mini-breaks from reality and I am glad they have been for you too


Boredum said...

the feeling when you write poetry is just priceless...

this is how I usually start writing my poems: I start out with the first line that tells how I feel at that current moment and then go on developing it by adding a completely different story to it... lovely times...

your poems are amazing..,