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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mixed Emotions

...feed me, feed me
love me, need me...

Her eyes are pleading,
head lolling
in a nurses arms,
my own damp head
firmly planted
on this thin
hospital pillow.
All around
cleanliness reeks
while inside I pray
for the strength
to smile
at this sweetest nightmare,
this tiny being
that drains me of my hate
one salty tear at a time.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

The way you were able to express, so knowingly, the love/hate emotions that a confused mother must feel after giving birth to her "sweet nightmare" of a crying baby is perfect:)

"that drains me of my hate
one salty tear at a time."


ambersun said...

Hi again

A lovely poem about childbirth.

I have never had children but I have known friends who have.

I have also taught children - with the younger ones sometimes I felt exhausted at their neediness.


T.J. Seale said...

Wow... this is really good.

I would quote a portion of it, but I like the whole thing. It's very conflicted and it expresses how those juxtapose feelings of love and hate, excitement and fear, and utter bewilderment can all exist at the same time.

Thanks for sharing,

sudharm baxi said...

That was touchy and emotional Sarah..good poem..