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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday Morning

Hazy sun filters through
groggy eyes, sleep still
cushioned in their corners.
Dad's coffee bubbles
in the warming kitchen,
oatmeal sticks in the pot
while mum prods and pinches
this lazy body...
"I'm UP." A scream in my mind,
a mumble to the heap
of clothes everywhere
but in my closet,
dressing and washing
is always a blur;
cold floors, spitting taps,
unmatching socks.
When my cracking feet
finally stumble into
our wooden kitchen
with the yellow table
complemented by mum's
carefully prepared
brown bag lunches
I am awake, it's a door
to another dimension
there is activity, hustle
and bustle, there are smells
and sounds, like the sound
of the bus pulling up
and my dash to the door
slipping on shoes in a move
that makes ninja's drool.
My adrenaline pumping
I walk as calm as I can
to the back of the bus,
crashing in pure exhaustion
willing school to be over
before it has even begun !

1 comment:

T.J. Seale said...

I'm First!

This poem is exactly how I felt, getting up early to ride the bus as a kid, very descriptive, you must have been there lol.

"dash to the door
slipping on shoes in a move
that makes ninja's drool."

Haha I love that,