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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

scratch away the candle wax

the stars in her eyes they won't catch her now
as she's falling through the sound
falling through the sound of glass hitting wall
of plate hitting floor, of hand hitting face
of sinking tears setting a silent pace

trampled floor tiles giveway to basement shadows
where children hide what everyone knows
their moist lips bathed in pre-recorded lies
curious hands bound with daddy's ties
and her body is still beneath the night
cimson droplets adorn like pearls of purest white

looking in side in from the out side out
it's like crawling up the water spout
and as her vision exits stage left
the curtain falls on screams already wept
reaching hands scratch away the candle wax
to reveal nothing at all in it's tracks

she's falling through the sound
coming up fast on a shallow ground
inhaling the fear of basement shadows
her mind is beating faster than a crow's
the child preaches from without
but the bullet has already silenced her doubt

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