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Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Otherside

Moss covered bricks barely standing
surround a sanctuary overgrown
silently hid behind doors that were
and now stooping to brush splinters
against the dew tipped grass,
lavender and rose punctuate
the airy still hung there like a debtor
by roots tangled and dry.


CathM said...

Loving your new look blog :)

Gerry Boyd said...

This has a sort of irresistible intensity that I found rather pleasant. [Tiny little quibble: in line one, did you mean "barely" where you put "barley"? I can force "barley" to work as a grain or as a Southern pronunciation of "barely", but I read "barely" at first and I suspect that that's what you meant.]

Sarah-Paige said...

(Catherine) Glad you like it :)

(Gerry) Oh dear, I really should have studied my spelling tests much more diligently. Thanks for coming by, and for the lovely comment (and correction!).