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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Traveling City

Pink tights and fast nights
that baby girl had it all
folded neat in a beat-up case
leaning against the weary wall
creased and frowned
like her mother's lips
but they never made a sound.
Button heels, a life on wheels
where's your head resting tonight
who knows said my baby girl
as the world spun in delight,
but the stars never cried
hanging above the world so high.
Lives crossed and lovers lost
baby girl playing peek-a-boo
with the traveling shadows
as such precious time flew
on wings of intention
dreams scribbled on cigarette packs
ne're the light of intervention.
Back on the bus, nothing to discuss
with the family there
as memories role by in blue sky and roses
stepped off the bus in the middle of nowhere
a place called home, no more to roam.

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