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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Place...

Tears form, branding sorrow
on a shapless heart,

eyes blue as the sky silently
scream why while her blackened
fingertips clutch,

a life giving silver.

A rainfal of confusion begins
to drown her in complicated words
of love while the bathroom tiles
drown in the flood of her blood.

She senses the world, it's
in slow motion now, a man's
lips move but there's no voice:

...She remembers a history class
and the black and white films...

Memories of the fights flash
behind her eyes and the names
echo along the walls of her soul,

there's no longer any breath to
feed her quieting heart, she whispers
a longing goodbye to the world
and all its shadows.

She drifts ... painless and free,
to a place where she can love herself.

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