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Monday, March 2, 2009


In this hour of darkness
send out your silent pleas
wavering on a subtle edge...
lives carry on oblivious below
to the fading hope above,
to the broken wings hanging
by her pierced sides,
a mind filled with calming turmoil
surrenders to gravities whim
and as the wind soothed her tired skin
a smile was etched onto her lifeless face.


Nick James said...

Very good again. I hope you are documenting these poems, make sure you have proof that they are yours.

CathM said...

Sarah. Lovely to see the face behind the beautiful poetry:)

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Aw, such a bittersweet ending and story. Surrendering, in an odd way, usually starts out bitter then (for me) ends up being "sweet." Sweet because of the letting go.

Anonymous said...

"wavering on a subtle edge..." Wonderful..this reminds me how how the ocean can meet storm clouds and merge into a strange type of grey zone--superb piece Ms.Paige.

Faith said...

Sarah-Paige :)

I have just spent the lovliest morning reading your blog and listening to the music. I am almost glad I hadn't been here in a little while so that I could be immersed in your poetry all at once.

You are doing amazing work.

I especially like this poem -- the broken wings, the fading hope, the surrender...all so sad and beautifully written.

And I love your new profile photo! :) Nice to see your smiling face:)