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Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Year To The Day !!!!!!

I sat amidst this clutter,
one year ago to the day,
to ponder a name
for this small corner
of cyberspace, a name
to represent my aims;
inner - my soul dusting
over the freshly inked words,
star - my imagination's
ever expanding limit,
thoughts - my eyes observations
of emotions and contradictions...
three hundred and sixty-five days
have come and gone, new voices
have come and stayed to share
in a journey that is far from over.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hello everyone, it is my blog's first birthday today!!!
I want to thank you ALL for clicking on that little
follow button and coming here to read what I've written.
This last year has been a rocky one emotionally,
but it was made so much brighter by your encouraging
comments, they were often the highlight of my day :)

A very, very special thanks goes out to Nancy at
Every Photo Tells A Story ... She has been my 'cyber mom', always there
with a smiley face when I was having a down day.
Thank you so much for your blog, without its
inspiring photos many of these poems would not
have even been thought of !

Also a thank you to several other regular visitors;

--> Clay @ M.I.V,
whose own writing is such a superb example of the craft,
and for his lovely comments that have made me blush
on many occasions !

--> Faith @ Stones From My Heart,
you have provided quite the musical education for me as of late,
the songs you've posted have provided inspiration not only for
my writing but the songs of hope have lifted my spirits as well !

--> Nick James @ Onward Bound,
through reading about your experiences I have come to realize that dreams
CAN be achieved, you are a great example to us 'youngsters' who are looking
around with the question "now what" on our lips. Thank you so much
for stopping by here !

--> Catherine Mark-Beasant @ Catherine Mark-Beasant,
your writing is another great example that I look up to, thank you
for your comments :)

Thanks again to ALL of you who follow my blog for taking time out of your busy days
to read my ramblings !!!!! :)

God Bless



Lisa said...

happy blog birthday- i have just celebrated number three and so i understand your feeling of achievement .congrats sweet sister xx

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

My sweetie pie:) Happy First Birthday, to you!! And, I am so grateful to you as well. I remember the first day I posted an image on EPTAS, you were right there following. I always wanted to know how you found me(lol) But, never mind, I'm just glad you did. Because without your writing, I would have given up many postings ago! Now, as your "cyber" mom, I command you to start writing more frequently on my blog, because I miss you!! :D (I sound like a mom, don't I?)

♥ Nancy

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

P.S. You have been an inspiration to me, Sarah-Paige. Not only because you are a wonderful writer, but because I know you also take your school work and your future very seriously.

Here's to a long, beautiful journey!!

♥ Nancy

Faith said...

Happy Blog Day!!!:) A whole year! That is wonderful. Awww.. Thanks for the thanks -- The music you have posted has been inspirational for me -- and your poems never cease to amaze me -- and the fact that you keep working on writing all the time!!

Hard to think of you as a "youngster" ...You are wise beyond your years!

Here's to many, many more blogging years ahead of you:)

congrats again:)

Nick James said...

Happy Birthday blog friend! My friends tell me I'll get over the blogging phase soon, but I know I won't. I cannot wait to have my blogthday!

Thank you so much for the mention. I am honored to have gained your respect so suddenly! I cherish it!