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Thursday, January 7, 2010

her smile got caught in a frown

muddied eyes peak into the room
but it's just mother
dancing with a broom

lamps topple one by one
father's pleading for a son

unaware of the sin
a little girl spins

arms spread in the moonlight
cast by a window's sight

her song silenced beneath
a sharp breath, in and out
fingers caught between teeth

but pain is absent from this scene
whatever could it mean

five years old and falling
could God hear her calling

dancing hair is finally stilled
that night eternity fulfilled

as the glass rained down
her smile got caught in a frown

doctor's arms couldn't cure
the rage simple and pure

stab the needle deeper
maybe it will be your keeper.

1 comment:

Gerry Boyd said...

Interesting and well-executed use of couplets. Bravo! (minor grouse: is there a typo in line 1: muddied; unless mudied is a word of which I am not aware. In which case, apologies)