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Monday, March 9, 2009

It Is The Mist is the mist
in her eyes as they tear,
it is the mist
in her throat as she chokes,
it is the mist
in her hands as they close,
it is the mist
in her hair as it falls,
it is the mist
in her heart as it ceases to beat;
it is the mist
over a lake silent and still,
in all shades of water blue
it creeps and it crawls
notching trees
with the fingernails
of those it has delivered
from this world's color.


CathM said...

Sarah. You’ve given the mist such a strong and vicious persona. I'd be interested to know, what inspired this poem?

Sarah-Paige said...

Hi Catherine
My inspiration came from a Tom Chambers photo montage that Nancy posted on her blog Every Photo Tells A Story .

Nick James said...

Deep poetry!